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Cooler Than Ever... Since 2011

Hi … Mike Nacke here. The coolest guy in Nashville.

Am I really the coolest guy in Nashville? Probably not. Then why do I rank #1 in Google when you type in “coolest guy in Nashville?”

Allow me to explain.

This web page was first created on July 8th, 2011 (and it only took 4 days to get ranked #1 in Google). The purpose is to show how long it takes to rank #1 in Google, Yahoo, & Bing for the keyword phrase coolest guy in Nashville using my very own “secret” ninja marketing techniques.

Why would I want to rank #1 for “Coolest Guy in Nashville?”
Seems kinda silly, right?

I did it to show how easy it is to rank a random webpage for any keyword that you choose. In this case, I chose the keyword “coolest guy in Nashville.”

This is good news for businesses who want to be found on the internet when people search for their products and services.

Imagine if you were a realtor in Nashville and you ranked #1 in Google, Yahoo, & Bing for “realtor Nashville.” Think you’d get a ton of new business?


Getting to the #1 spot in the search engines for your products and services can result in a LANDSLIDE of new clients.

Coolest Guy in Nashville Spills The Beans About Ranking #1
If you go to Google right now and search for your products, services, or business type … are you on top?

If not … there’s a secret that your competitors don’t want you to know about.

The person who IS on top didn’t get there by accident.

They hired a guy like me – the coolest guy in Nashville – to orchestrate a careful process to get them ranked at the top.

Here’s How I Got Ranked Coolest Guy in Nashville
The process is called search engine optimization (SEO), and it involves building a website (or re-doing one) in a specific way that search engines love. I built this site and created this webpage in a way that makes is easy for search engines to interpret and rank highly. So when I decided that I wanted to rank #1 for “coolest guy in Nashville” … it was a breeze.

But wait … there’s more!

After building the site to feed the search engine’s appetite, I went out and got links from other sites to this page. In the eyes of the search engines, each of these links counts as a “vote” for the popularity of this page for the term “coolest guy in Nashville.”

Truthfully, SEO is much more complicated than that … but you get the idea.

But that’s basically how I got ranked #1 for coolest guy in Nashville.

Want To Learn More About The Coolest Guy in Nashville?
Mike Nacke is an entrepreneur and founder of Nacke Media. Our goal is to provide businesses with marketing that consistently delivers new customers, helps retain current customers, and increases their bottom line profits. We do it through web design, search engine optimization, local search marketing, email, Facebook, and much more. To learn more about our business – and the coolest guy in Nashville – check out our portfolio, blog, or just give me a call.

Your Coolest Friend,

Mike Nacke
(615) 502-1622

UPDATE July 11, 2011 – This site is now ranked #7 on Google for “coolest guy in Nashville” after only 3 days online and Google still hasn’t indexed this page yet. Today, I’m going to ping and send some backlinks to this actual page to get it indexed and start pushing it up to the #1 spot… shouldn’t be much longer before it’s #1.

UPDATE July 12, 2011 – This page is now ranked #1 in Google for the keyword phrase “coolest guy in Nashville.” Looks like the work I did yesterday has paid off. It only took 4 days to create this page and get it ranked #1 in Google. Very cool. Here’s a screenshot I just took that shows the #1 ranking.

Nashvilles Coolest Guy

UPDATE July 12,2011 (in the evening) – I just checked Google and this site now has a double listing (#1 & #2 spot) on the top of Google for the phrase “coolest guy in Nashville.” This is a strategy that I use with my clients when they get the #1 spot of Google and they want to get more traffic, clients, etc.

Here’s how it works.

Once you get the #1 spot in Google, it means that your site is perceived as having “authority” for the keywords that you’re targeting. This basically means that your site is “trustworthy” in the eyes of the search engine algorithms (that’s why it’s #1) and any content that you publish that is similar (targeting the same keyword phrase) as your #1 listing will quickly get indexed and ranked next to your #1 listing. The effort that it takes to get a double listing is minuscule compared to the effort it takes to get the initial #1 ranking .

And this double listing will typically result in a 12% to 13% increase in traffic to your site.

The #1 spot will get 45% of all clicks… the #2 spot will be around 12.5% of all clicks … and the #3 spot will get 5% of all clicks … and it just goes down from there … all the way to 0.7% clicks for the last listing on the page.

The key to capturing this additional traffic is to create an article that relates to your primary keyword phrase, but hits it from a different angle.

Here’s an example that explains how this works.

Imagine that you’re a pediatric dentist in Chattanooga TN. You’re targeting the keyword “pediatric dentist Chattanooga” and you achieve a #1 listing in Google using SEO.

On your website, your #1 listing is a page with the title “Pediatric Dentist Chattanooga – Discover Why Kids Love Us” … which leads to a page on your website about your pediatric dentistry and it includes a bunch of testimonials from kids who had a great experience at your practice.

The next thing you should do, is to create a page titled “Pediatric Dentist Chattanooga – Discover Why Mom’s Love Us” … which leads to a similar page, but it’s written from the perspective of a Mom, and it includes testimonials (hopefully video testimonials – which dramatically increase response rates), from Moms who love your dental practice.

This strategy can often (depending on competition) give you a double listing in Google, and it effectively “taps in” to two separate emotional mindsets that search engine users are holding when they type in your keyword phrases in Google.

Some people are looking for a place that their KIDS will love … so they’ll click on the “Discover Why Kids Love Us” link. But others will have different reasons for searching for a pediatric dentist. Perhaps they are looking for a dentist that THEY will love, because they want a child with perfect teeth, great health, etc. In this second case, the person searching is more concerned with their own reasons for selecting a dentist … their child’s reasons are a secondary consideration (Mom knows best).

The key to grabbing the majority of search traffic (and you could use this same principle for any good marketing campaign), is to “enter the conversation already occurring in the mind of the prospective client.” This is an old marketing technique discovered by an advertising guru back in the 30’s … and it still works brilliantly today.

Okay … that’s it for today. Here’s a summary.

Get a page ranked #1
Create a second page targeting the same keyword phrase to rank #2 … but try to hit a different emotional trigger
Watch your traffic/clients/etc … soar
Google will actually show up to 4 results from the same site … and it’s possible to OWN the entire first page with videos and “feeder” sites, but I’ll save that for later.