Meadowthorpe Chat Test

This temporary page was created to test the chat feature.

Click the chat widget (bottom/right) to test it!

Here are the core features:
  • Chat Widget for the Website – Positioned in the lower right corner of the screen. Website visitors can click the widget to initiate a chat.
  • ChatBot to answer common questions – The ChatBot works like Alexa or Siri. When someone initiates a chat through the website, the bot will attempt to answer the question. I programmed the chatbot using the 9-page FAQ we created last year.
  • LiveChat Transfer – If the bot can’t answer a question, it can connect the user with a live person.
  • LiveChat Control Panel for Agents – “Agent” refers to a person from Meadowthorpe who responds to a chat request.  The control panel provides an online interface for agents to handle chats.
  • Agent Status/Availability – To accept a chat, an agent must be logged in to the LiveChat Control Panel with their status set to “Available.”  Logged out agents do not receive chat requests.
  • Agent Prioritization – Chat requests can be routed to one or more agents by order of priority.
  • LiveChat Business Hours Schedule – While the ChatBot runs 24/7, the option to transfer to an agent is limited to business hours.